Mr. Handyman Central MetroWest: Providing a wide range of home improvement services


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Michael Campbell (Photo/Nancy Brumback)
Michael Campbell (Photo/Nancy Brumback)

Business name: Mr. Handyman Central MetroWest

Address: 300 Eliot St., Ashland

Owner: Michael Campbell

Contact Information: 508-231-4639


What services does Mr. Handyman provide?

“People expect a handyman to just hang pictures or fix a railing. We can do larger things, including painting, drywall, cabinet installation, hanging large-screen televisions, window and door replacement and repairs, even remodeling a basement or bathroom,” said Michael Campbell, owner of the central Massachusetts and Metrowest franchise for Mr. Handyman. “I send a checklist of what we do to every customer so they can put their list together.

“We do a lot of seasonal work. Right now, I's weather-stripping windows and doors, replacing rotted wood, repairing gutters, and adding insulation and attic ventilation to help prevent ice dams.”


What experience do your workers have?

“My current staff averages 25 or 30 years of carpentry and similar work experience. We refer qualified people for things we don's do, such as electrical and plumbing. We have licensed guys on staff, and we can pull the permits for customers. All of my people have been background-checked and are insured and bonded. They are safe to be in your home and around your children.? For some, that's right at the top of the reasons they hire us.”


What geographic area do you cover?

“We cover about 36 towns in central Massachusetts, centered on the Metrowest area. Our handymen work Monday through Fridays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment.”


How does your operation work?

“Call us and discuss your list. We can tell you what we'se capable of and what we'se not. If there's a long list, we start in the morning so everything is done in one day. If it's quick and simple or an emergency, we try to get to the job the same day. If not, we can usually get to everyone within two or three days after they call.

“The cost depends on the job. We bill on a time and materials basis with a minimum charge that covers travel time, and we offer some senior and seasonal discounts. We will explain the charges before we come, and we accept checks and all major credit cards.”


How did you get into the business?

“Mr. Handyman has been around for 18 years, founded in Massachusetts. The founder added franchises about 10 years ago. I's in my tenth year in Ashland.

“I was in the advertising and marketing business for over a decade, travelled a lot and moved around. But I's from Ashland. I grew up here and bought my family homestead when my parents moved to Florida. When my former employer told me my next step was New York, I decided I's rather stay here and bought this business. I's a licensed contractor but I don's have the years of hands-on experience I would want as a consumer, so I hire these guys.”


What makes you different from other home contractors?

“In the past, when I had contractors come to my house, the service was often abominable. They never called, made you wait all day, or didn's show up at all.

“We are a customer service business that does handyman and contracting work. If people have a problem with the work we do, they don's get an argument. We do our best to take care of it. We follow up with everyone.”


Editor's Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.

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