Shrewsbury Library to use Glavin Center during renovation


Shrewsbury – State Senator Michael O. Moore, D-Millbury, and Representative Matthew A. Beaton, R-Shrewsbury, announced an agreement between the Shrewsbury Public Library and the Executive Office for Administration and Finance's Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) for a temporary lease of the Irving A. Glavin Regional Center.

In accordance to the agreement, the library will use the Glavin Center as a temporary library, while the Shrewsbury Public Library is in the process of being renovated and expanded. The facilitation of this agreement with the state will save the town approximately $300,000 in costs associated to the library renovation. The Glavin Center is located at 214 Lake St.

“I am proud to announce an agreement between the Shrewsbury Public Library and DCAMM to allow the library to temporarily use the Glavin Center while construction begins on expanding the current library,” Moore said. “As the town continues to discuss a more permanent use for the Glavin Center land, this agreement will allow the residents not to lose an important resource in the library.”

The Glavin Center formerly served as a cutting-edge facility where individuals with the most severe developmental disabilities received care. Due to concerns of the cost needed to maintain the facility, the Patrick Administration closed the center in 2013, relocating patients to the Hogan Center in Wrentham, despite legislative efforts by Sen. Moore and Rep. Beaton to keep the center's doors open.

In October 2013, as part of a supplemental budget, Moore and Beaton filed an amendment to establish an exploratory committee to consider the reuse of the Glavin Center land. In November, voters approved the Shrewsbury Public Library project in a special election.

“Utilizing the Glavin Facility to temporarily house our town library is a smart move and I want to thank all those involved in the process from the local officials in Shrewsbury to those at DCAMM who worked tirelessly in conjunction with one another in order to move this process forward as smoothly as possible,” Beaton said. “I's looking forward to the day when the newly renovated Shrewsbury Public Library will have its grand opening, but in the meantime, I have no doubt that the location over at the Glavin Center will serve the community well.”

Library Director Ellen Dolan expressed her gratitude to Moor and Beaton for their help in brokering the agreement.

“The Board of Library Trustees, library staff and I are thrilled that we will have such an outstanding site to provide library services during construction. I know this location will work quite well as a temporary site for the next two years, and that patrons will find it convenient and comfortable. It will be handicap accessible, provides enough space to offer core services and has sufficient parking to accommodate our busy library,” she said.

“The library is important to Shrewsbury, not only is it a location to find a good book, it also holds many events and programs that are beneficial to the wellbeing of the residents,” Moore added. “Now that this agreement has been achieved, the process of planning the construction can begin. I am looking forward to seeing the new and improved Shrewsbury Public Library.”

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