1. I’m happy to see that the BOS think this should be put before the town to vote on however I do not think it has a great chance of passing. Both sides have valid points but unfortunately if things go as they went in the past, there will be stretching of the facts by both sides and the town will become more divided in the process.
    Even though I will vote yes for an override, the real problem is getting the state to pass more of our tax dollars to the local communities so the towns can spend the money where it is really needed. Until this happens the problem will never go away since state government can’t print money like the federal government can.
    I have lived in Shrewsbury over 20 years and its a great town with great schools, services and people and no matter what the outcome is, it will continue to have very good schools however there will be kids on the fringes that could get hurt in the process. The people in town need to determine if the extra taxes are worth it.

    • I agree with you and that’s a great point regarding the state. I personally support the Override as well. I have looked at the budget and the comparisons and see that Shrewsbury is doing more with less. But if someone told me they had voted against it then maybe our argument was not convincing enough or that they simply did not want to raise their taxes. If you want to live in a democracy then you have to accept that people have different points of views and that should be respected. All I ask is that each voter considers the override and offers their input, whatever that maybe. My is fear what happens to tax revenue, real estate value etc….if our school system loses its attraction and reputation that many families have moved here for?

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