Westborough sisters help women do more than just “Get in Shape”


By Valerie Franchi, Contributing Writer

Get in Shape for Women's Westborough trainers (l to r) Casandra Kane, Andrea Longo, Pam Sarafin and Julie Vander Baan provide support and encouragement for clients. Photo/Valerie Franchi
Get in Shape for Women's Westborough trainers (l to r) Casandra Kane, Andrea Longo, Pam Sarafin and Julie Vander Baan provide support and encouragement for clients. Photo/Valerie Franchi

Westborough – On June 6, Get in Shape for Women in Westborough will celebrate six years of transforming and empowering women.

Known as “the first complete training program for women,” Get in Shape for Women is based on four principles, weight training, cardio, nutrition and accountability.

Co-owners and sisters Jody Chaffee and Toni Parr explained that Get in Shape provides an individualized program for each client based on their fitness goals, whether they be 18 or 80.

The certified personal trainers correct form, perfect technique, monitor intensity, and customize workouts. They also provide support, encouragement and motivation for clients.

“Trainers hold your hand the whole time,” Parr said, “so clients have constant encouragement.”

“It's tough getting started,” added trainer Pam Sarafin. “People don's realize what their bodies can do with the right training.”

Workouts are scheduled in groups of two to four women, with 30 minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training.

The personal training studios are set up with cardio machines, including elliptical machines and treadmills, as well as free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and strength machines.

“It's not a sea of machines and faces, like at large chain gyms,” Sarafin noted.

In addition to workouts, Get in Shape incorporates a complete nutrition plan, tailored to the needs of each client. The nutrition regimen focuses on three small meals and three snacks each day of clean, whole foods, as well as lots of water.

“We recognize it's not easy, but we try to make it as simple as possible,” trainer Julie Vander Baan said.

The fourth principle, accountability, is one of the most important to clients” success. Get in Shape for Women's sessions are appointment-based, so clients can maintain a regular workout schedule, and there are weekly weigh-ins to keep clients on track.

Chaffee emphasized one of the Get in Shape franchise's core values: “We treat our customers like family.”

“From the time the first client signed up, we have become like a family,” Chaffee said. “They feel at home here, encourage each other and get results.”

The very first person that signed up in 2008 is still a client – but now 30 pounds lighter.? Over the course of six years, “we'se changed a lot of people's lives,” Chaffee said.

Chaffee credits the studio's family environment as the key to its continued success.

“We have kept the same owners, management and long-term trainers,” she said. Their success allowed the sisters to expand to another location in Northborough in September 2011. That location will be celebrating its third anniversary in September.

“A lot of companies don's have a rhyme or reason,” Chaffee said. “We know why we'se here.”

Looking ahead, Parr maintained that Get in Shape Westborough is “definitely not going anywhere. We are looking forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary.”

Chaffee added: “We are looking forward to empowering more women through body transformation by providing a friendly, positive, and motivating studio that focuses on results!”

Get in Shape for Women is located at 45 E. Main St. (Route 30), Westborough, and 318 Main St. (Route 20), Northborough.

For more information, visit www.getinshapeforwomen.com or call 508-329-1406.


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