Letter to the editor: Thank you for Shrewsbury override support


To the Editor:

Community Supporters for Shrewsbury thanks the 7,102 voters who supported the $5.5M operational override on Tuesday, June 3rd.? We are grateful to our town leaders, the Board of Selectmen, the members of the School Committee and the Finance Committee, and our State Representative, for their public support of this initiative.? Their willingness to work together to address the needs of the municipal and school departments in a way that honored and respected the fiscal conservative history of our town gave credibility to the campaign and our mission to preserve and invest in our community.

Every single supporter, from those that gave countless hours to those who gave a few precious minutes, played a part in creating the success that was witnessed on June 3rd.? After a community wide discussion that has been going on for years, the voters decided the future of Shrewsbury.? Through the unwavering commitment and dedication of everyone involved in this effort, the decision to maintain our high quality municipal services and well-regarded school system received unprecedented support.

And while we recognize that 3,704 voters were not in favor of this outcome, we know that it is important to remember that we are all neighbors, we all want what is best for our Town, and we are all fortunate to call Shrewsbury home.


Beth Casavant, Hannah Kane, Jason Palitsch and Suzanne Remington

Community Supporters for Shrewsbury, Campaign Leadership Committee