Schneider: Trucking firm looks to hire drivers in New England


Company: Schneider

Location: Green Bay, Wis., local office in Worcester

Contact Information: 800-44PRIDE (800-447-7433).


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Rob Reich of Schneider (photo/submitted)
Rob Reich of Schneider (photo/submitted)

What does Schneider do?

??? “We are one of the largest full truckload carriers in North America, providing transportation services to companies large and small,” said Rob Reich, senior vice president, equipment, maintenance and driver recruiting, for Schneider, based in Green Bay, Wis.

“We do full truckload shipments in New England as well as intermodal shipments, which is freight delivered across the country by train and then picked up by truck at the railhead.”


What jobs do you have in the New England area?

??? “We have local and regional intermodal jobs. As a local intermodal driver, you'se home every day and delivering freight in the New England area as it comes off the train. Regional intermodal drivers might deliver freight several hundred miles from the railhead. That could be overnight.

“We also have driver positions for our Van Truckload business, delivering freight throughout the 48 states. From New England, you's stay mostly in the midwest, northeast and south and be out a week to 10 days. Regional van truckload positions are similar but shorter haul and home every week.”

How has the job of the driver changed?

“One of the biggest changes is the impact of technology. A communications system in the truck keeps drivers connected with their home office and corporate headquarters. It's a messaging system and a navigation system. Drivers are a lot more productive because they don's have to stop and call for information.

“The tractors have changed quite a bit, too. Trucks are much more comfortable and easier to drive. We'se testing automated transmissions. We have about 500 trucks, including many in New England, with new automated transmission so the driver doesn's have to do all that shifting.”


What are the qualifications for a driver?

“We hire both experienced and inexperienced drivers. On the inexperienced side, we hire folks who are graduating from a truck driving school with their commercial driver's license. We are happy to help people find a school.

“For all drivers, we look at their driving history. We want to make sure we are hiring safe, effective truck drivers.

“About 7 percent of our drivers are women. We also have team drivers, where two drivers take turns driving, and a lot of our teams are married couples.”


What are the benefits of working for Schneider?

“About 70 percent of the freight in the country moves by truck so the country needs truck drivers. It's not a job that can be sent overseas. Schneider is a very stable company; we'se been around for 78 years. We are an industry leader in safety, so you are going to be in a safe truck and a safe environment.

“There's a great pay and benefits package. A first-year driver can earn $45,000 to $50,000 depending on the job, and an experienced driver can easily make $55,000 to $65,000.

“For people coming out of truck driving school, we have a three- to four-week training program when they join us. Then they drive for at least a week with a driver-trainer to make sure they are well-prepared when they get their first truck.”

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