Orlando Landscaping: Southborough company offers full range of landscape services


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer


Chris Orlando and his truck. Photo/submitted
Chris Orlando and his truck. Photo/submitted

Business name: Orlando Landscaping

Address: 155 Main St., Southborough

Owner: Chris Orlando

Contact Information: 508-933-3179



What services does Orlando Landscaping provide?

“We are a full-service landscape maintenance company as well as landscape construction, masonry and tree service,” said Chris Orlando, owner of the Southborough-based company he started in 2007.

“We do routine, year-round maintenance from mowing and cleanups to lawn fertilization and shrub care. We offer full-service snow plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting. We do tree removal, pruning, firewood.

“On the construction side, we take a design-and-build approach, handling the designing, building new landscapes, new lawn installations, patios, walkways. We do what we call “ground-up landscaping,” complete landscapes for new homes. If we do the designing, we also do the installation.

“I work with the customer. What everybody wants and what is right can be two different things. But I try to direct customers to the right thing for their space and location, what plants will last and grow well, within the framework of what they want.

“We can do any outdoor landscape construction project. We know that Mother Nature destroys our work over time. Winter wrecks walkways and patios just like it does roads, and the cold will kill plants. But we take our New England weather into account as much as possible in planning projects.”

What geographic area do you cover?

“We work in Southborough, Northborough, Westborough and surrounding areas. We’sl go anywhere for a large project that takes more than a few days. But for routine maintenance, we stay more local,” Orlando said.


What kinds of projects are popular?

???? “We find people are adding more hardscaping, such as patios. People realize that putting their money towards bricks and stone walls can improve their landscaping, and those things don’s die and are a lot less maintenance than plantings. I think people generally are putting a bit more money in their homes and relaxing at home, doing a little less travelling.”


What should people be doing now for their lawns and landscaping to get ready for winter?

“Fall is a great time to plant because of cooler conditions, so if you are thinking of installing any new plants or trees, now is the time. It’s also a good time for lawn fertilization and lawn renovation??”repairing damaged lawns, reseeding and aerating.

“Fall is also a very good time to do masonry work because there isn’s that much rain, and the ground is firm and good for installing a base for projects. In the spring you can hit areas that are still thawing and not as hard.

“Generally, you want to prune at the end of the growing season, in late August and the fall, as growth starts to slow down. But every plant has a different ideal time to prune. For example, you prune rhododendrons and azaleas right after they bloom so you don’s cut off the new buds.”


What sets your company apart?

“Loyalty to my customers and a good relationship with them. My customers can always contact me. I’s very involved in the work as well as running the business. I’s going to be at a project. We like to do things right the first time,” Orlando said.


Editor’s Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.

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