Letter to the editor: Vote for Healey for Attorney General


To the Editor:

Maura Healey is running for Attorney General, having helped lead the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office for the past seven years.? She has directed civil rights cases including successfully fighting DOMA thereby standing up for same sex couples.? Maura won a case making it illegal for banks to sell unaffordable mortgages to prospective buyers.? She enforced and defended the buffer zone law that protects women's health care and safety.

I have seen Maura speak three times, twice at local house parties and once at the Democratic Nominating Convention and each time I was so impressed by Maura.? She is not only a dynamo but a dynamo with accomplishments and experience and caring.

If elected, Maura will stand up to casinos, address the burden of student loan debt, stand up for women and their pay as well as their health issues, reduce gun violence and lead on criminal justice reform.

Going all the way from captaining her Harvard Basketball team to Attorney General will let her use her years of experience in the Attorney General's Office and will let her employ her succinct and concise presentation of the issue.

We don’t often have the chance to vote for a person of Maura's caliber and merit – and I urge all reading this to do so on September 9th.

Nancy Woron


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