Residents’ comments wanted for central Mass. Long Range Transportation Plan


Region – Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) is kicking off the “mobility2040” Long Range Transportation Plan for the central Mass. region by seeking feedback on transportation priorities such as congestion, freight, transit, walking and biking, etc.

Local residents are asked if they are out and about shopping at a local store, the mall or farmers’ market, to take a couple of minutes to stop by the “mobility2040” table, take the survey and talk to planners about the vision and priorities for the region. Staff will be at various locations through mid-October.

This effort is to better understand the transportation investment priorities for central Mass. over the next 25 years. CMRPC is undertaking this effort on behalf of the Central Massachusetts Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMMPO). The CMMPO, comprised of locally elected and state officials, sets regional transportation policy and determines where to allocate federal funds.

Residents’ comments can help CMRPC’s planners to develop a wide-ranging, action-oriented transportation plan. The “mobility2040” plan being developed also will serve as a basis for allocating limited federal money aimed at roadways, bridges, and public transportation facilities.

Those who cannot fill out the surveys in person may visit the website at to learn more about the plan, watch a video, take a survey and keep up-to-date on meetings and materials. Residents may also follow the plan on twitter @mobility2040 or email comments to [email protected]. Upcoming meeting dates and locations will be posted on the website.