Letter to the editor: Shrewsbury selectmen back Baker and Polito


To the Editor:

Voting the Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito ticket for governor and lieutenant governor Tuesday Nov. 4, is the only choice on the ballot to provide Massachusetts the proven, thoughtful leadership needed to create jobs, foster real Beacon Hill bipartisanship, control government spending and protect taxpayers.

Massachusetts cities and towns desperately need a chief executive truly committed to make state aid to cities and towns a priority, not just a hollow promise. In Shrewsbury over the last six fiscal years, state aid has never since exceeded or even equaled its 2009 level. Despite increasing rates of state revenues, the state’s commitment to local aid has been at a much lower rate, to the point that at the current rate of increase it won’t be until 2020 when Shrewsbury’s state aid equals what it was in 2009.

We need Charlie’s and Karyn’s experienced leadership to provide a great school to every child, to thoughtfully strengthen our communities and to compassionately help those in need. We need their leadership to work both sides of the legislative aisle to right the ship, to correct the well-documented current pattern of poor management oversight and direction of state agencies, and once again give us a state government to make us proud.

Please join us in voting for Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito for governor and lieutenant governor Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Maurice DePalo

Henry Fitzgerald

James Kane

John Lebeaux

Moira Miller

Shrewsbury Selectmen

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