Letter to the editor: Support for reelection of Abraham as Worcester register of probate


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Stephen G. Abraham, candidate for reelection as the Worcester register of probate. As an attorney who focuses on estate planning and administration, I routinely work with various probate courts in the course of administering the estates of deceased clients. With an office in Westborough, I have occasion to deal with probate courts throughout the commonwealth, but gratefully, most of my clients live (and die) in Worcester County.

When we need the prompt and efficient processing of legal pleadings in the probate court, it is important to have court staff who are knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. Dealing with the court personnel headed by Stephen G. Abraham over the years has been a pleasure. I know that my clients can count on the prompt processing of paperwork so that their legal matters in the probate court can be concluded without delay. Of all the probate courts with which I deal, the Worcester Probate Court is a model of efficiency.

Given my frequent interaction with probate courts, it is comforting to know that the legal process will move smoothly in Worcester County. To ensure that this state of affairs continues, I strongly urge voters to reelect Stephen G. Abraham as register of probate.

Marvin S. Silver


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