Stephanie G Jewelers: Custom designs and fashionable jewelry gifts for the holidays


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Stephanie Goldberg, owner, Stephanie G Jewelers. Photo/Nancy Brumback
Stephanie Goldberg, owner, Stephanie G Jewelers. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Stephanie G Jewelers

Address: 77 Main St., Hopkinton

Owner: Stephanie Goldberg

Contact information: 508-435-4444


Why consider custom jewelry design?

“With a custom design, we can take what you have and make it into something new. You can call it recycling, or sentimental, or saving money. The stones in the jewelry you have are the most expensive part. If you reconfigure those stones or change to a different metal, you still keep the value,” explained Stephanie Goldberg, owner of Stephanie G Jewelers and the fourth generation of jewelers in her family.

“Sometimes just by plating a yellow gold piece a white color, it becomes more contemporary looking. The white plating is called rhodium and looks like white gold or platinum. The rhodium can always be removed, and you’re back to the yellow gold. One customer had a diamond and ruby bracelet in yellow gold, and when we plated it white, it took on a more casual look that better fit her lifestyle.”

“If we are going to be designing or redesigning jewelry for the holidays, now is the best time to come in and get started.”


What are your gift suggestions for the holidays?

“We always have jewelry for stocking stuffers, starting at $10 to $15. One line of gifts runs $10 to $50, all done with freshwater pearls. They are hip, cool-looking designs, good for your manicurist, your hairdresser, your secret Santa.

“Pandora has come out with some very interesting new bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. Pandora is reinventing itself, and the pieces are absolutely stunning. The prices start around $30, so that’s a great gift.”


What do you recommend for that special woman?

“Diamonds—studs and necklaces—are still our number one seller. Pearls have definitely made a comeback.

“In the $100 to $700 range, we have jewelry in sterling silver with colored gemstones or diamonds. These designs are popular styles, but half the price in sterling silver instead of white gold,” she said. “We also have a lot of very cool fashion rings.”


And for the men?

“Tokens & Icons is a company that makes pens from wood from all the major baseball stadiums. The origin of the wood is authenticated by the baseball commission. We have, for example, Red Sox pens made from seats taken out of Fenway. We also have cufflinks made from pieces of actual baseballs used at Fenway and the other stadiums.”


Any special events for the holidays?

“We do a lot of parties and trunk shows, including a trunk show with the entire line of everyday fashion jewelry from Vahan Jewelry Nov. 5.

“In December, we’ll have one Pandora night each week to help people redesign their bracelets and show the new merchandise, and a men’s night each week with great food, drinks, special prices for the guys, advice, and gift wrapping.

“We are in the process of changing our website to enable online shopping.”

Stephanie G Jewelers is located at 77 Main St., Hopkinton. It is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday; and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday. The store is closed Sunday and Monday. Hours will be extended during the holidays.

Additional information is on the website,, or call 508-435-4444.


Editor’s Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.