Marlborough High School students selected for festival

Marlborough High School musicians (Photo/submitted)
Marlborough High School musicians (Photo/submitted)

Marlborough – Thirty-four Marlborough High School students have been selected for the 2014 Central District Senior Festival. This festival represents 65 districts where students compete for a spot in the band, orchestra, chorus, or jazz ensemble. Students who also received an all-state recommendation will also audition for the 2014-2015 All-State Festival.

The MHS students chosen are:

Chorus: Jessica Vilensky, soprano, Lauren Fay, alto,* Megan Mayfield, alto. William Goliger, tenor,* and Noah Ogden, tenor*

Orchestra: David Coughlin, trombone*

Jazz ensemble: Sarah Hanahan,* Connor Bailey,* and Hannah Mckay*

Band: Michael Rambridge, clarinet,* Susan Rambridge, bass clarinet,* Kimberly Konar, flute, Madison Steinman, flute, Brianna Kearns, French horn, Justin Bartlett, alto saxophone,* Austin Turner, bari axophone,* Iliana Weeks, trombone and Charles Moreau, trumpet.

(*Denotes All State recommendation)