Letter to the Editor: Carney Park, a dog haven


To the Editor:

My family and our dogs have discovered Carney Park off of W. Main Street in Northborough. I jog there with my dogs, interact with walkers and all the dogs play and romp with each other dogs. What a great place to get exercise, experience the weather and take advantage of the outdoors. I am amazed at the foot traffic there even in the worse of weather conditions.

My concern is “Poop Bag Row”. It is considerate that the dog owners pick up and package their dog’s poop, but why do they not remove the bags? It is difficult for me to understand how anyone can collect their dog’s droppings in very colorful bags and somehow forget to remove those bags as they exit the park. We can’t forget that people without dogs also frequent this lovely place.

I am concerned that leaving our poop bags, or not even cleaning up after our dogs, will result in the town banning dogs from the park. So we can continue to romp with our dogs at Carney Park, please do not add to “Poop Row”.

Shelley Dubin