1. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and for the great advice on self care for those in recovery!

  2. I just loved reading this article about how you found your true “authentic” self. I am so happy for you and appreciate that your are giving back to others. I had the pleasure of meeting and going on a safari with Martha Beck, who is also a life coach. That experience has begun to nudge me in a different direction and I am excited to see where it will take me. I also saw the ” I am not Anonymous” and thought how wonderful it would be to show that in every high school and recovery center in the USA.

  3. Fabulous write up for you Danielle, well done on your accepting the challenge to be sober & following through with such a helpful way to others, while maintaining “yourself first”. I’m a substance abuse counselor here in Weymouth after spending 18 years as a jeweler in Boston. The need is so great for addicts to get help, esp. the young ones. I did my share of “Rabble-Rousing” in my younger days & decided to reject all substances from life. Now I have been through years of researching in my own little office, conducting groups in treatment centers. I love what you’ve done with your efforts in forming “Real You Revolution”. I’m sure your helping many, while keeping your own composure of sobriety. I’m seeing in Massachusetts a significan amount of efforts by higher ups, including senator, mayors & Norfolk county sheriff dept to creat a diversion program to favor treatment over jail. Thanks for sharing your tremendous example of proof that this disorder of addiction can be dealt with successfully. Sincerely LaneCash

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