Dr. Jean Casello of RenovoMD Photo/Nancy Brumback
Dr. Jean Casello of RenovoMD
Photo/Nancy Brumback

Medical aesthetics practice offering comprehensive and customized skincare

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Business name: RenovoMD

Address: 96 West Main St., Northborough

Medical director and owner: Jean Casello, MD

Contact Information: 508-393-6398

What sets RenovoMD apart?

“We are a medical aesthetics practice, totally physician-directed. We do non-invasive to minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures,” said Dr. Jean Casello, a medical doctor who started the practice in 2008.

“In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of procedures, including a full continuum of lasers. We can handle every condition that can be treated with a laser or a medical solution. We don’t just use one modality, one procedure. We combine modalities and customize programs for our patients.

“The skin care products we have can be customized for each patient’s needs. Special cameras let us look under the skin to analyze hydration, oiliness and other conditions. We send that information to a lab which compounds products for our patients individually.”

Dr. Casello was recently quoted in a national publication for cosmetic physicians and surgeons on body contouring procedures and on her techniques for combining procedures. One of Dr. Casello’s patients with a graft vs. host skin reaction from a bone marrow transplant who was treated with customized products was presented at a national dermatology meeting in Boston in January.

What are the first steps in a treatment?

“We start with a comprehensive consultation. I see every patient and talk about what they hope to achieve,” said Dr. Casello. “The way I usually approach my patients is to focus initially on the thing that bothers them most. But I give them a comprehensive plan as well.

“Overall, we’re looking for long-term improvement. I think of it as rejuvenation, not re-inventing. I tell my patients if you’re 60, we’re not aiming for you to look 20. You want to look like a better version of yourself.

“It doesn’t take a lot to get the results you want. People think it will be very expensive and time-consuming, and it isn’t. Once we correct a problem, it’s just maintenance. People also think the pharmaceutical-grade products we offer will be very expensive, and they are not. They are the right products, customized for your skin, but they are no more expensive than what you’d buy in a department store or specialty cosmetics store.”

What services do you have for teens?

“We treat teens and pre-teens, mostly for acne. We have many modalities to treat very mild to very severe cases of acne, such as the newest lasers and light treatments. With the kids, it’s educating them—how to wash, how to shave and to have good skin care habits as well as an appropriate skin regimen.”

Do you also treat men?

“We have a large male patient base. The men come in for many of the same treatments as the women—Botox, laser treatments, skin tightening and resurfacing, fillers and hair removal. A lot of professionals and men who take good care of their bodies come in. They want to look as good as they feel.”

What’s in the future?

“People are more aware if you start good skin care early, you will have good skin for the rest of your life. Studies now show early Botox treatments can be preventative for wrinkles. Women—and men—are starting to come in their 20s and 30s. When they get into their 50s and 60s, they’re not going to have the wrinkles their mothers had.

“There are a lot of things on the horizon that are going to revolutionize how we treat people—stem cell treatments, topical Botox. There will be more and more non-invasive procedures and a trend to starting earlier.”

Editor’s Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.




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