Letter to the editor: Kane’s insight and experience makes her the best candidate


To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my enthusiastic support for Hannah Kane as the next state representative of Shrewsbury and Westborough. I have had the opportunity to observe and work with several past representatives in my former roles on the Westborough Board of Selectman and School Committee and Hannah, in my opinion, is better equipped and more experienced than any of her predecessors at the outset of their legislative careers. To wit: she has exhibited significant community involvement in bettering the school system of her community. She has working insight into the financial challenges of our communities as exhibited in her current service on the Shrewsbury Finance Committee. She has the insight of a small business owner and has demonstrated expertise on 40B affordable housing challenges, renewable energy and conservation and recognizes the need for a smart, business-friendly regulatory environment that encourages growth. In short, compared to her predecessors and fellow representatives, her learning curve will be dramatically shorter given the strength and depth of her experience. Moreover, she will not be an isolated representative looking to develop a new network since she will arrive at the job with a network of influential contacts on Beacon Hill in both the legislative and executive branches.

In closing, I support Hannah’s candidacy without reservation and encourage voters to support her in the upcoming primary and special election. She is clearly the best choice for all of us.

George Thompson