Letter to Editor: Palitsch genuinely committed to community


To the Editor:

As a political independent who respects both candidates, I am proud to endorse Jason Palitsch for State Representative because he has the right experience, will work effectively across both parties, stands up for what is right, and demonstrates true commitment to the community.

Educational finance and government health benefits are both technically complex issues that risk pitting different Massachusetts communities against each other. We will have a new legislator representing us. We need someone with experience working in the legislature and with expertise in these issues to ensure that Shrewsbury and Westborough have a seat at the table and that our needs are met. Jason is the only candidate to have worked in the legislature, and he possesses more expertise in those areas through his School Committee and Veterans Inc. experience.

In addition to expertise, we need a legislator who not only has a record of working with both parties, but who is consistently committed to doing so going forward. Jason has avoided divisive rhetoric during the campaign and thus has the only credible commitment to being able to collaborate across party lines as a State Representative.

Jason has never avoided controversy, and he was one of the first leaders in Shrewsbury to take a public stand on some of our key financial challenges. Even in times of controversy he has listened to those who agree and those who disagree with him and treated every person and every idea with respect while being forthright in his own views.

I have never seen someone run for office who is not committed to our community in front of the cameras. However, the first time I met Jason was when we worked side by side as volunteers building the new playground at Paton School, without him once introducing himself as a member of the School Committee. I have seen him at other community events, doing his part in a way that shows his commitment is deep and genuine.

I respect Jason personally and professionally, and I believe he would be an effective representative for Shrewsbury and Westborough. I proudly endorse him.

Gary Alperson



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