Westborough: ‘My Name is Ciji’ author Lettie Lawman at Tatnuck Bookseller


My Name is CijiWestborough – Lettie Lawman, the author of “My Name is Ciji,” will be at Tatnuck Bookseller Sunday, May 3, from 1-3 p.m. My Name is Ciji is about three friends who delved into the world of a fourth friend because of the suspicious way he behaved. Through the eyes of Ciji’s three friends, you are able to see into Ciji’s life as a young ghost, into the life of his family and his whole village: where they came from, how they got to where they are, how long it took them to get there, and how they can get through this situation.


Tatnuck Bookseller is located at 18 Lyman St., the Westborough Shopping Center.