Letter to the editor: Musical/dancing fountains at Dean Park open for season


ltr to ed Falzoi SH Dean Park Dancing Fountains rsTo the Editor:

The Donahue family wish to express their deep appreciation to Tom Falzoi who has done the choreography, selected the music and spends countless hours maintaining the musical/dancing fountains at Dean Park in Shrewsbury. Without Tom’s dedication, it would not be possible for the public to enjoy the beauty of the musical/dancing fountains.

Special thanks to the following firemen for volunteering to install the fountains on May 21: Sean Lawlor, BJ Fulginiti, Ben Gerber, Mike Guarani, Dan Lodowski and Joe Milosz. In addition, thank you to Tom Falzoi and Curtis Falzoi.

The schedule for the musical/dancing fountains is as follows: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12- 2 p.m. and 4-9:45 p.m. Music to accompany the fountains can be heard on 91.7 FM on your car or portable radios. The colored lights can be seen from 9-9:45 p.m.

Listen to the classical, patriotic, and popular tunes, watch the movement of the graceful fountains, and see the spectacular colors dance to the music.

The fountains were a gift to the townspeople of Shrewsbury in 2004 by Barbara Donahue and family in memory of her husband, Irving James Donahue, Jr.

Barbara M. Donahue

Judith L. Donahue

Susan Donahue Falzoi