Letter to the editor: Support for Hooters Restaurant in Shrewsbury


To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Shrewsbury I have witnessed many changes, many of which I have not agreed with but I realize change is going to happen, I live in the “Lakeway District” less than a quarter mile from Route 9. I also have run a successful small business for 34 years that purposely did not attempt to locate in Shrewsbury because of its unfriendly business reputation. I can’t believe the nonsense another small business owner is being put through. What does Ben Tartaglia think Hooters is??, it is a RESTAURANT!!. The waitresses are dressed much more conservatively than most high school students. I live with the banging dumpsters, excessive lighting and traffic that all goes along with progress. I think the town should pay more attention to the abandoned properties and hoarders in town than a National chain restaurant wishing to set up shop in such a business unfriendly town. I am a local resident that will support this RESTAURANT.

Thank you,

Roy Soderman