Letter to the editor: The importance of music


To the Editor:

Music is a large part of everyone’s life. What would life be without music? That is a scary thing to imagine. Imagine driving to work or school in silence. Imagine trying to dance at a party with no music in the background. Imagine going to a fair or festival, with only the sounds of voices. Imagine television shows and movies with no soundtracks to accompany them. Music is what brings life to all these events and many more. Without music, life would be bland.
Music is what connects different cultures from all over the world. Music has no barriers. No matter where you are from, music is still music. Music is a language. Everyone can speak it and everyone can make it. Two musicians who speak different languages can still play together in harmony. Music is a lifestyle. Music brings friends together and creates conversation. Music is memories. Hearing your favorite song from long ago can remind you of the past and bring back old memories. Music is truly a magical thing that none of us could live without. Music should be valuable to all of us and we should appreciate those who make it for us to listen. Without music, life would certainly not be as amazing as it is.

Eric Coughlin

Boy Scout Troop 101


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