Hudson High School social studies teacher inspires student to help others


Meghan Collins (Photo/submitted)
Meghan Collins (Photo/submitted)

Hudson – Recently one Hudson High School student in the Contemporary World Affairs class was inspired by her teacher to put a service learning project into action.

Hudson High School‘s Sean Flaherty teaches the Contemporary World Affairs class. Part of the class requires students to research members of government at any level, learn their positions on various issues, and then write to that government official with an idea or opinion supported by factual data.

Meghan Collins, who is now in ninth grade, wrote a letter to Superintendent Dr. Jodi Fortuna with her idea to provide school supplies to Hudson High School students in need. While most students stopped after writing the single letter, Meghan persevered in her dedication toward bringing this project to fruition.

“Meghan is a highly motivated young lady who exemplifies the qualities we want in students and she took this further on her own initiative,” Flaherty said.

Meghan started working on organizing the drive last school year and named it the Supplies for Success drive. The collecting of supplies ran from Sept. 1-10. The drive was so successful that Meghan will run another drive in the spring. She also is working on bringing this program to the school where her mother works as they, too, have students in need of school supplies.

Meghan learned many life lesson skills throughout the drive, including patience. According to Meghan, this skill came in handy when few students donated at first.  She kept promoting the drive and soon, she said, everyone wanted to donate.

“This skill will most definitely be useful in the future, especially when it comes to working with other people,” Meghan said.

She also learned the importance of being discrete about personal information. She encountered students who didn’t want to admit that they could not afford to purchase pencils or back-to-school items of good quality. Meghan said that she is the type of person to speak up for others when they are in need or trouble. She realized that not everybody has the ability to advocate for themselves.

“I am proud to have learned to be discrete and patient, both very good skills for the future,” Meghan noted.

“I am very proud of Meghan for taking this initiative and pleased to see such an important community service project develop as a result of one of our social sciences courses,” said Principal Brian Reagan. “Lessons learned from experiences like these cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting. Meghan’s efforts have quietly touched the lives of many of our students.”

Donations are still being accepted for Supplies for Success. Please donate only three school supply items or a gift card. Donations may be dropped off at Hudson High School, Main Office, 69 Brigham St., 978-567-6250.

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