Letter to the editor: Abused animals need your help


To the Editor:

There are too many horror stories of animal abuse featured in the media. The most heartbreaking are puppy mills and the hoarding of animals. We turn away from the pain because we like to believe that someone somewhere must be addressing the problem.

Sadly that is not true. Neither puppy mills nor animal hoarding are against the law. Cruelty to animals is against the law. Those involved in the gruesome puppy trade or who hoard more and more animals in abysmal conditions do not recognize any cruelty. The only way to stop the abuse is for the legislators to pass laws to protect all animals. We need to advocate for those without a voice or a vote.  Some states are aggressively legislating against puppy mills and animal hoarders and we would appreciate as much from our elected officials. You can contact them.  They want our support and we want theirs.

Priscilla J. Ham

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