Letter to the editor: A voice against medical marijuana dispensary in Southborough


To the Editor:

The Southborough Board of Selectman and Zoning Board have approved the plan for a medical marijuana company to open up a dispensary along Route 9, at 255 Turnpike Road. This location is only 650 feet from the Margaret A. Neary Elementary School, and although further from the P. Brent Trottier Middle School, it is far too close to impressionable young teens. This was approved, despite solid evidence being presented showing the detrimental impact such a dispensary will have at this location. The overwhelming majority of residents at these meetings were opposed to such a dispensary operating at this site.

Unfortunately, it all too easy for anyone to pay cash and obtain a medical marijuana card and then use it recreationally or sell it. Teens as young as 13 are using diverted medical marijuana. Many start using it thinking it might cure their anxiety or take away any feelings of sadness they have. Having a dispensary in our town will make our children perceive less risk in using marijuana. Marijuana use at an early age increases one’s chances of using more dangerous drugs. We do not want more of our teens at risk for substance abuse, especially at a time when we must work together as a community to battle a crippling opioid crisis.

Southborough residents, please plan to attend town meeting on Monday, April 11, and Tuesday, April 12.  Please vote on the warrant articles that are being brought forward so we can prevent this process from moving forward.

Safdar Medina
Southborough Resident

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