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Grafton selectmen vote to sign contracts

By K.B. Sherman, Contributing Writer

Grafton – At their Aug. 16 regular meeting, Grafton selectmen agreed unanimously to sign a number of contracts.

They approved the proposal by Bayside Engineering, a “big landscaping project” as the selectmen explained, for $39,450 for design services for later engineering and landscape work to be done at Bridge Park. They approved using Chapter 90 money to do a right of way and design of the sidewalk on Carroll Road for an estimated $31,050. They also approved using $40,000 in Chapter 90 money for flashing lights and signage at school crosswalks on Providence Road and Brigham Hill Road.

In addition, the board approved a contract not to exceed $109,800 for replacement of a playout server video system at Grafton Cable Studio. The cable service has experienced frequent outages and loss of recorded programs due to missing and obsolete gear. Finally, the board approved a storm water management system on Route 30 to help resolve a soil erosion problem at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University near the Hospital for Large Animals. Tufts will take management responsibility.

Town Administrator Timothy McInerney also showed a video completed for businesses who may be considering locating in Grafton.

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