Letter to the editor: During drought, important to take measures to conserve water


To the Editor:

With the current drought reaching historic levels, and having devastating impacts on our ground water supplies, people and businesses still watering their lawns in our towns have to re-consider their actions, regardless of whether they maintain their own wells or utilize municipal water.  Regardless of the source, nearly a quarter of Massachusetts is in an extreme drought, and the rest in severe, and anyone watering their lawn is being irresponsible, as trapped fish are dying in dried up rivers, and the impact on trees and wildlife is worsening.  Please stop watering lawns regardless of your water source, and urge businesses to stop watering lawns, or support businesses who do not maintain plush green lawns in this crisis.

Other ways to reduce water use include flushing your toilets less, installing rain barrels, and being generally conscious of your water usage as you brush your teeth, shower, and do laundry and dishes.  If California can reduce its water use by nearly 30 percent in the face of its historic drought, we can do much, much better here in metrowest and central Massachusetts.

Dave McMahon


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