Letter to the Editor: Westborough voters need to intervene to save historic Spurr House


To the Editor:

New England towns abound in quaint homes and streetscapes that depict a bygone era when life was much simpler. Westborough is typical and it is a great place to live. Many such towns have managed to keep things simple and maintain the historical integrity within the context of a rapidly growing community. Recently, an older home at 7 Parkman St., known as the Spurr House, has been eyed for demolition again, to make room for a parking lot. At the 2016 March Town Meeting, voters voted to put the Spurr House on the market for 18 months to at least give it a chance to survive the wrecking ball. Two articles are on the Town Warrant, after just less than a few months on the market, to obtain finances needed to demolish the building. This has been a very disheartening outcome, especially for the five-member committee who spent much time and effort to deliberate on an alternative disposition of the Spurr House. Technicalities have apparently resulted in the attempt to rescind the vote. As a concerned and dismayed voter, I cannot simply sit back and accept this without further inquiry. Please give this some serious thought and attend the next Town Meeting Monday, Oct. 17.


Bob Pano


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