Letter to the editor: Student holding drive for Northborough Food Pantry


To the Editor:

A fifth grade student at The Fitzgerald Institute is doing a food drive to give food to people who are hungry. The students at The Fitzgerald Institute are doing Community Service projects based on what they think people need.  The Northborough Food Pantry donates food to those in need and helps over 500 people each year.

The student at The Fitzgerald Institute is seeking more people to help this cause.  A donation box is located at The Fitzgerald Institute, 261 Main Street in Northborough.  Donations are accepted every Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.,    for the duration of the school year.

Community members can donate cereal, granola bars, non-frozen microwavable food, and other non-perishable canned goods.  Glass is not accepted.

Please help the cause. Thank you.

The Fitzgerald Institute