My wish list for Santa…


Dear Santa,


Vicki Aubry, Realtor, ABR, SRES, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 508-868-3625 (mobile)
Vicki Aubry, Realtor, ABR, SRES, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 508-868-3625 (mobile)

I know it is time to start my Christmas list, so here goes…

My own personal list is very short – not even enough to mention as I am truly grateful for the wonderful family, friends and coworkers that I have in my life and the great clients I have had through the years. I am grateful for a nice place to live and wonderful neighbors.

However, I know some people who are in need so my wish list is for them…

Wish 1: I wish you could keep the mortgage rates at 4 percent or even lower if you can manage it. There are buyers that really want to buy homes and for them my wish is the wonderful value they can unwrap for their family.

  Wish 2: I wish now that we have all gotten through TRID (the newest adjustment to the fun of mortgage lending) that we leave all that alone for a while. Closing on a mortgage shouldn’t be any more complicated than it is now! This was yet another “improvement” from our elected officials to “help buyers understand what buyers closing costs are.”

 Wish 3: My third wish is for the millennials to understand that for sellers not every move is a happy one and that older folks have other concerns than making their home look like HGTV. Many are on a limited budget or cannot get the help they need to update their home to model home status.

Wish 4: My fourth wish is just the opposite – for sellers that are able they need to see the home they want to sell with fresh eyes and look at it from the viewpoint of younger buyers – no one wants to move into a house that looks like grandma’s house – even grandma! Perhaps there is common ground here somewhere!

Wish 5: I also wish there were more schools available to train tradesmen as it seems harder and harder to get electricians, plumbers, carpenters and the like to do the work necessary in our aging structures.

Wish 6: I wish that some of these new graduates would use their new skills to build more comfortable and affordable senior housing – in a new type of environment that would keep them as active and engaged as possible and maintain their dignity throughout all of their days.

Wish 7: My seventh wish is for these additional tradespeople to be able to make enough money to afford their own new homes and contribute to a growing economy in that way.

Wish 8: I wish also that the things these new homeowners need to purchase will more and more be made domestically so that others will be put to work in more skilled jobs.

Wish 9: I know I ask for this every year, but this year especially, with new forms of violence all over the globe, I wish for peace on Earth.

Santa, I know that there is a lot here and it’s a big list, but really I’ve been a very good girl all year, so I hope you can deliver.

I want to express my sincere thanks to all of my clients I worked with this year and in the past and appreciate any referral that could be sent my way for 2017! Just call me at 508-868-3625.

Santa, I’ll be waiting with chocolate chip cookies…I still believe!

Stay warm on your journey,



Vicki Aubry

Realtor, ABR, SRES

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