Special Town Meeting to be broadcast on Grafton Community Television


Grafton – The town of Grafton will hold a Special Town Meeting Monday, Jan. 9, at the Grafton High School Auditorium, 24 Providence Road, starting at 7:30 p.m.  Grafton Community Television will have a live broadcast of the meeting and will also live stream the meeting on the GCTV website, www.graftonTV.org.

The Special Town Meeting broadcast, produced by GCTV Public Access assistants Bill Robidoux and Richard Schultze, can be seen on GCTV’s Government Access Channel Charter Channel 192/Verizon Channel 33. The live stream of the meeting can be seen on http://graftontv.org/current/LiveStream.html.

The meeting will also be rebroadcast on GCTV’s Government Access Channel. Check the program schedule at http://graftontv.org/current/ProgramSchedules/GCTVProgramSchedules-3.html for rebroadcast days and times.

The meeting will also be available on GCTV’s Video on Demand link http://graftontv.org/current/VoD.html.. The warrant for the Special Town Meeting can be found at www.grafton-ma.gov/sites/graftonma/files/uploads/signed_stm_warrant_1.9.2017.pdf.

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