Local publisher invited to judge Monster Jam at DCU Center

Noelle Monaghan at Monster Jam. Photo/submitted

Westborough – Westborough resident and publisher for the North Worcester Macaroni Kid, Noelle Monaghan, was honored to be one of five individuals invited to be a judge at Monster Jam at the DCU Center Jan. 13. Monster Jam is an event where drivers compete in feats of speed, agility and creativity on three separate vehicles for points that will qualify them to compete in the championship held in Las Vegas at the end of the season. The event was extra special because not only had Monaghan never judged before, but has also never attended a Monster Jam before.

β€œIt is a huge honor,” Monaghan said, prior to the event. β€œI am excited for all the action and energy that is part of attending a Monster Jam, and on top of that I get to be a part of all that action as a judge! How incredible is that?”

Monaghan was allowed to invite her family to attend as was each of the other four guest judges who included a local business owner, a blogger and radio celebrities from Pike FM.

The event started with the monster trucks parading in to introduce themselves. Then the events were launched, a series of races for speed in the monster trucks, then races in the four-wheel speedsters, and finally races on the quad bikes. There were also events where the divers of the monster trucks would battle for the best wheelies, the fastest doughnuts and the most impressive series of jumps and passes in a timed event called the Freestyle Round.

The judges and the crowd named the driver of Max D the winner of the event, and then all of the judges and their guests were treated to front of the line privileges for the autograph session after the show.