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Templeman Tree Service

Long-time Grafton company offers tree pruning and removal

By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

The Templeman Tree crew, in the top of the tree, left to right, Brandon Cranton, Steve Stratton, Evan Wronski, Tom Nuccio and George Suprenant, and below them, Nick Misiaszek and Ryan Pellerin. Photo/submitted

Grafton—To protect the shade and ornamental trees that are an essential part of a home’s landscape and value, those trees need preventative maintenance.

Since 1980, Templeman Tree Service has provided the pruning services necessary to keep trees healthy, and removes trees that are damaged or rotted or have grown too large for the space they are in. The company also cables trees to add strength, grinds stumps and offers emergency tree removal.

“It’s good to prune trees now, in the winter and very early spring before they leaf out, when it’s easier to see the structure of the tree and to spot any damage,” said Steve Stratton, owner and president of Templeman Tree Service. “It’s also easier for us to work in the winter when the ground is frozen.  Lawn damage is minimized, and plants around trees are dormant.

“Pruning now just before the growth season allows the tree to recover quickly.”

For smaller ornamental trees, Stratton recommends pruning every other year, depending on the variety. “Pruning corrects the growth and keeps the tree healthy by reducing the number of leaves. The remaining leaves grow bigger and greener, supplying more food for the tree. There’s a more equal balance between roots and branches.”

Stratton reminded homeowners planning to plant new ornamental trees to make sure they understand how large the tree they are considering will grow so it will not grow too large for the intended space. He encouraged homeowners not to plant trees too near the foundation of their house or where the trees will shade the house. A damp exterior may attract termites and carpenter ants.

During an estimate, Stratton examines trees for potential hazards such as cracks, evidence of carpenter ants, unsafe growth structure, and pathogens like fungus or other problems that weaken a tree.

“We do structural pruning to reduce weight, so branches aren’t as likely to break in snow or wind storms. We remove large dead wood, and prune trees to reflect the overall health and ideal appearance of a tree.”

Stratton noted trees are somewhat stressed now because of the drought the region has been experiencing.  He recommended pruning to lessen the demand on a tree’s roots and help it recover.

The caterpillars of both gypsy moths and winter moths are likely to be a problem this year. The drought stress makes it more difficult for trees to recover from defoliation caused by those caterpillars. Templeman Tree does not apply chemicals to trees, but Stratton is happy to recommend a certified arborist who specializes in the treatment these particular infestations.

Templeman Tree uses a variety of equipment and skilled workers to remove trees, including expert climbers. “We have expert hand climbing crews, and we use the latest technology and equipment to make a tree removal job efficient and safe,” Stratton said.

“We have the professional knowledge and industry experience to do whatever a job requires. Lawn damage is a number-one concern of ours, and we use several proven and reliable techniques to prevent lawn damage to any part of a homeowner’s property in which we are working.”

Templeman Tree Service operates in central Massachusetts, serving Grafton, Westborough, Southborough, Upton, Milford, and the surrounding towns.

Steve Stratton has been climbing trees for 35 years. He worked as a foreman for founder Clifford Templeman starting in 1980, and purchased the business in 1994.

Templeman Tree Service is based in Grafton. Call 508-366-7693 or 508-839-5961 to arrange for a free estimate, or visit the website, www.templemantree.com, for additional information.

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