Letter to the editor: Support Moe DePalo for Shrewsbury selectmen


To the Editor:

Having worked closely with Moe as a Selectman, I can attest to his diligence and the objective manner in which he listens, questions and studies all matters brought before the Board. What strikes me is the fairness in which he arrives at a decision. Moe’s years of experience give him great insight into our unique historical perspective, all the time questioning what is fair and appropriate to each instance. Shortly, our Town Manager will be retiring and having Moe’s experience on the Board will not only help in the transition but strengthen the continuum of the effective leadership to whom we have become accustomed.

Moe is a long term resident of Shrewsbury and worked many years in our Town. He has seen our town more than triple in size. Moe respects the diversity this growth has brought and will continue to fight for the best balance we can fiscally obtain considering the needs of our 6,200 student school system and all our municipal departments.

It is for these reasons, I fully support Moe’s bid for another term on the Board of Selectmen. It is my personal hope that we can keep his strong guidance and leadership in place.


Henry Fitzgerald


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