Shrewsbury students on the ‘MOVE’ in Marlborough


Shrewsbury students on the ‘MOVE’ in Marlborough
Shrewsbury High School students and MOVE participants (l to r) Robby St. Fleur, Kyle Fox, Nadia Huda, Dhrrav Patel, Chris Liu, Carl Fraser, Jason Galan, Dominic Hawes, Allyson Jones, Lucas Delattre and Helen Pinkham. Photo/submitted

Marlborough/Shrewsbury – On April 24 at 8:30 a.m., a group of three students from Shrewsbury High School (SHS) checked the work schedule posted on the wall of a banquet room at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel filled only with eight empty tables, and began gathering utensils to be wiped down. Another group of three were assembling centerpieces, and when they were done, crossed it off the list and moved onto the next task.

By 9:30 a.m., both groups were creating napkin arrangements colored in alternating blue and gold school colors, while in the kitchen, another group of students cut vegetables in preparation for the day’s lunch. By noon, a group of 60 family members and Shrewsbury educators would be arriving, and everything had to be planned and ready by then.

All of these tasks were coordinated and carried out by the students in the Mobile On-site Vocational Education (MOVE) class at SHS, in preparation for ninth annual family and staff luncheon at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Marlborough.

MOVE is an elective class at SHS, in which students can practice a variety of both general and individualized vocational skills in an actual workplace with the support of job coaches and hotel supports. This annual luncheon is one of the many events that the MOVE students host throughout the year both within the hotel location and at SHS. MOVE operates each day at both the Courtyard Marriott and Best Western hotels in Marlborough during the school’s scheduled last two class periods. It is a unique opportunity for all students at SHS to potentially develop skills they can bring directly to the workforce while earning class credits. It also reflects a productive and mutually beneficial connection between the SHS community and Marlborough businesses.

To learn more about the MOVE class, visit their page at the Shrewsbury High School transition website,

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