ROI: Unique guitar teaching method geared to adults


Free introductory lesson


Matt Fienberg. photo/submitted

Business name: ROI Guitar Studio

Address: 14 Vanessa Drive, Northborough

Owners: Matt Fienberg

Contact Information: 508-709-9009


Northborough – Matt Fienberg is not your typical guitar teacher. He is an electrical engineer with a deep understanding of music theory and the guitar’s mechanics. He is committed to helping you achieve your guitar playing goals.

That’s what his business ROI is about—a return on your investment of practice and dedication.

Growing up in Framingham, Fienberg took up the guitar in high school, and played throughout his engineering program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

He got serious about the guitar when he connected with Tom Hess, a well-known teacher in Chicago, who has revolutionized guitar education.

“Hess is an amazing educator, but requires a commitment and dedication to which most people are not willing or able to commit,” Fienberg said. “He corrected my mechanics, enhanced my skills and understanding, and completely boosted my confidence.

“Tom Hess continues to be my instructor, mentor, and coach. In fact, I plan to remain his student forever.”

Fienberg focuses on the adults who want to invest in themselves.

“I relate to those who regret never learning to play an instrument, and those who dropped the ones they studied when they were younger,” he said.

Certified as part of Hess’s Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Fienberg uses a scientific method to teaching the guitar.

He explains, “Traditional linear teaching methods introduce material that must be mastered before moving on the next lesson. It can take decades to succeed with this approach. Using a non-linear method, I can help you achieve results much faster. We will continuously circle back to transferrable skills, which improve all aspects of your play, not just a particular exercise, passage, or song,”

Fienberg believes that music theory is important.

“Many people are intimidated, but it can actually be quite simple. At its core, music theory really is just a means to explain—or better, predict—how and why something will sound pleasing to the ear,” he said.

    Free introductory lesson

Fienberg currently offers hour-long lessons to students ranging from pure beginners to performers.  He offers a free introductory lesson during which both he and the student can evaluate their fit, discuss goals, and map out a plan to reach them.

One of Fienberg’s students said, “Matt is very knowledgeable and he explains things very well. I have been playing guitar for couple years now but I’m at a point where I think that I have plateaued myself and cannot take myself to the next level without professional guidance.”


Fienberg is also forming an 8-week program of group lessons starting in July for beginners and for progressing intermediate players.

“There a tremendous benefit to studying the guitar in a group setting. Individuals hit a wrong note, and their instinct is often to stop, and fix it,” he said. “You simply can’t do that in a group. New students are often afraid of playing in front of others. We get past that very quickly in a group setting.

“Everyone comes together with different needs. We work together to fix or improve mechanics, and learn how to apply and integrate new skills into music. It’s really an empowering environment in which to learn.”

ROI’s studio is in Fienberg’s home in Northborough. During lessons, students may choose to enjoy the calming presence of his two Alaskan Malamutes, Ginger and Gracie.

“To me, learning to play the guitar is all about the challenge,” said Fienberg. “If you’re willing to make an investment in yourself, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.”