Tania Walia earns Girl Scout Gold Award

Tanya Walia. (Photo/submitted)

Westborough – Tanya Walia recently received the Girl Scout Gold Award for her project “Express Yourself: Cards for the Community.” Tanya is a member of Westborough Troop 30633. Her project focused on teaching people in the community how to make homemade greeting cards and helping them to understand the sentimental value of a homemade card versus store-bought.

Tanya wanted to be able to spread this art with the community and provide people with an artistic learning experience. Tanya organized a program in which she taught kids in elementary school how to make various types of greeting cards. The kids chose a few of their cards to share with the community and to send to local veterans and senior citizens. She filmed a video at the local television station and created a book. Tanya gained confidence in her leadership skills through teaching, interacting and cooperating with various people throughout the project.

Tanya started Girl Scouts in the fourth grade and has earned her Bronze and Silver awards. In school she is section leader of the Women’s Chorale, a member of the National Honor Society and Homework Helpers Club. She loves to teach Indian dance and Hindi to kids at her cultural society. She loves to dance, and has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She will be attending Boston College in the fall.