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Letter to the Editor – Anger over situation involving geese

To the Editor:

I am submitting this for awareness of a bad traffic situation on South Street in Shrewsbury.

My anger and outrage has subsided from the incident that caused it but the situation is still there namely excessive speed on this road.

Each spring we and many others enjoy the scene of a family of new geese along the side of the road. They cross the road frequently and motorists, for the most part, slow up and/or stop so they can safely cross. These geese are observed regularly and one can notice their growth and obviously getting ready to be air borne and leave the area.

Earlier in the year it was disturbing to see one that was hit and in a clump of grass on the side.

A more disturbing scene was this past Sunday when we saw three geese splattered on the road and quite obvious a result from a speeding car. It was a sad and disturbing sight.

I don’t know what, if anything, could be done to make this road safer for all. Signs might help but I think the best solution is for the motorists to slow up and drive with care. I hope my message gets out to folks because we don’t need these situations at all.

Jim Goodwin


" Community Advocate Staff : ."