Gary Kelley, real estate professional, helps you make the right move


Gary Kelley, real estate professional, helps you make the right move
Gary Kelley

Call for a complimentary home sale review

RE/MAX real estate agent Gary Kelley knows that you have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring a real estate agent. He’s so sure that his group is the right choice that he’s offering you a complimentary home sale review, including a staging consultation.

Having lived in the Metrowest area for years, Kelley knows every nook and cranny of the local real estate market. During 2016, he closed 25 transactions, totaling more than $6 million.

Kelley brings years of experience to his role as Realtor. He knows how to manage listings, having run large information technology organizations for Staples, Fidelity Investments and Wellington. And, he knows how to buy and sell real estate, having been a real estate investor, along with three partners, who together once owned 200 residential properties, and 140,000 square feet of commercial property.

Partnering with real estate agent Sue Gordon, a Southborough resident, Kelley brings you comprehensive real estate services. Gordon’s expertise in administration and graphic design perfectly matches with Kelley’s knowledge of engineering, investment and sales.

Kelley said, “We meet customers as a team, and sometimes, we find that for couples, one will bond with Sue, who’s more creative, and the other will bond with my affinity for numbers.”

He continued, “We like to do everything in the best way possible, from marketing materials to staging to open houses to sealing the deal. We don’t take photographs ourselves, we use a professional photographer.”

Once clients declutter, Kelley brings in a professional stager who will move things around. He said, “Sometimes our clients say, ‘Wow! That looks great. I wish that I was staying.’ I will always ask if they have changed their mind!”

There’s lots of reasons to work with Kelley and Gordon.


Kelley and Gordon have access to an extensive network of resources through RE/MAX, a global real estate network founded in 1973.

Are you a first time buyer in your 30s?

Kelley has helped his 30-year-old daughter and 33-year-old son buy and sell several homes. He said, “I come across in a way that resonates with people in their 30s. Many are first-time buyers who are looking at properties from $350,000 and up. These days, those properties come on the market and get snapped up right away.”

Are you downsizing?

Kelley has done it. He’s moved from a big house into a condo. He knows that dilemma facing downsizers who want to remain active. Kelley’s knowledge of 55 and older communities enables him to steer active downsizers to the right location. Kelley said, “A lot of downsizers are looking for the same amenities they have, but in a smaller footprint. View tends to be very important, and some buyers want to be near academic institutions and hospitals.”

Are you divorced?

Both Kelley and Gordon have been down that road. They know the challenges that you will face. Kelley said, “We know how to lead buyers and sellers through a conversation that feels safe. We will gain trust, and help client’s navigate thorny potentially issues.” Continuing, Kelley said, “We will always give the same message to both parties, but we might not do it at the same time. Together, Sue and I have helped many couples work through home buying and selling during this very difficult time.”

Got stuff?

Kelley and Gordon run into lots of situations where sellers need to dispose of heirlooms or furniture. Once the seller removes their valuables, they work with auctioneers to determine the perceived value of what’s left. They determine the best way to maximize the return.

Great reputation

Kelley’s customer Fran Bastien said, “Gary was the very best. Knowledgeable, proactive, hard worker, kept me totally informed throughout the entire process.”

Call Kelley at 508-480-8400 to set up your complimentary home sale review.