Just Breathe offers special ‘Anti-Anxiety’ package

Salt lamps and essential oil rollerballs will help you to relax. (Photo/submitted)

Westborough – Does going back to school or work after summer vacation bring out anxiety? Just Breathe has the answer! Come in and enjoy our “Anti-Anxiety” Package. You get:

  • Three salt room sessions
  • One mini salt lamp to put on your desk when you work or bed when you sleep
  • One essential oil rollerball created specifically to help relieve anxiety

Himalayan salt naturally emits negative ions. These ions alter our biochemistry in such a way that we release the “feel good” hormone so we feel less stressed and anxious.

Just Breathe is offering this $150 package for just $99 throughout the month of September.

For more information call 508-366-8292.

Just Breathe is located at 45 East Main St., Westborough.