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League of Women voters invite public to presentation on Ranked Choice Voting

To the Editor:

A winning merger has taken place: the League of Women Voters chapters of Shrewsbury and Grafton are now one! I think most residents in both towns have heard of the LWV and may believe most towns of our size have a chapter. Not so. In fact, in all of central Massachusetts, this is one of only three chapters. In learning about the local League’s history, I recognize the thanks we owe the founding women and the current members (men included!) who continue to fulfill its non-partisan mission. A piece of that mission is to bring important national and state issues to public attention.

You are invited to attend a presentation about a movement to change the method by which we all vote. It’s called “Ranked Choice Voting” (RCV) and it is steadily gaining traction. RCV is the system in several cities and towns across the US, including Cambridge. It was adopted by the entire state of Maine last year and 19 state legislatures are currently considering bills to allow its adoption, including Massachusetts.

The Grafton Shrewsbury Area League has arranged a presentation by Adam Friedman, who directs Voter Choice MA, the foremost state organization dedicated to making RCV easily understood as a viable and realistic way to improve democracy in elections.

The presentation, with ample time for Q & A, will be on Monday November 6th at 7pm, Grafton Municipal Center, 30 Providence Rd, Grafton. Attend if you can. And if not, remember that “RCV” stands for Ranked Choice Voting!

Carol Sotiropoulos


Community Advocate Staff :