Make the right move with Gary Kelley


By Jane Keller Gordon, Contributing Writer

Gary Kelley and Sue Gordon
photo/Jane Keller Gordon

Region -Pre-sale preparation matters, according to RE/MAX agent Gary Kelley, and his real estate partner Sue Gordon.

“Upfront efforts will help you get a better price and a faster sale,” said Kelley.  “We’ll help you every step of the way.”

    Preparation – Kelley and Gordon will walk through your home with you, room-by-room, and then put together a game plan. They know how much you should keep and how much you should donate or store. They also know how difficult it can be to part with things.

They can connect you with services for junk removal, auction, donation, consignment, and cost-effective movers.

They’ll advise you to pack up your valuables since mistakes can happen.

“Something might get knocked over during a showing, and we don’t want you to lose an heirloom,” said Kelley.

    Paint and patch – Kelley and Gordon know when a repair makes sense, and when it doesn’t. They can also recommend contractors for those repairs.

They might recommend you paint some walls, replace some carpet, or trim some bushes.

“Paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective things that a homeowner can do,” shared Gordon. “The ‘in’ colors change over time. Right now a mix of grey and beige is in vogue.”

    Professional staging – Once you sign a contract with Kelley and Gordon, they’ll bring in a stager who will help transform your home. By moving around furniture, lamps, pictures, and accessories, the stager will make every room look more inviting to a broad audience. They might recommend that you purchase some reasonably priced décor items if they’ll make a difference.

“Sellers often come back into the home after staging and marvel at how nice it looks. For others, it’s unnerving when their things are moved around,” Kelley said. “Preparing a house for sale is different than decorating to live there.”

Kelley and Gordon have no problem showing a home that’s empty.

“It’s okay to move out your belongings before you list a property. I like selling a house that’s empty. It’s a blank slate. I’ll virtually stage the home, and show the display online and on big boards throughout the house,” Kelley said. “If your home is empty, we’ll stop by on a regular basis to make sure that everything is okay.”
    Professional photos – “Most buyers find properties online so making the home as appealing as possible through pictures is paramount. We don’t take photos with our cell phones,” said Kelley. “Our professional photographer creates high-quality images of your home.”

For some homes, Kelley and Gordon create an online 3D Matterport tour.

    Well-designed brochures – Gordon’s expertise in graphic design combined with professional photographs results in eye-catching brochures, printed on heavy stock. A diagram of the home’s floor plan and how it’s cited on the street is always included.

“We want buyers to remember the home favorably when they recap a day of showings,” shared Gordon.

     Property specific website –“For every listing, we create a property specific website showcasing it in the most favorable light. We also optimize the site for search engines,” Kelley said.

    Now for the sale – Once a home is staged, the art of the sale is up next. Kelley and Gordon will price your house to sell.

“Sellers want the top offer. Pricing strategy is paramount.  Sometimes pricing under the market will yield the highest offer. You never want to overprice a property – it runs the risk of becoming stale,” Kelley said.

During the time your home is listed, Kelley and Gordon maintain aggressive marketing. They’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process.

“We don’t disappear once the listing agreement is signed,” said Kelley.

    Follow up – Through the process there are many details, including inspections (home/smoke, Title V), final readings, and any negotiated repairs.  Kelley and Gordon stay on top of these and keep you in the loop.

    They’re local and qualified – Both Kelley and Gordon are experienced real estate agents who have lived in the Metrowest area for a long time, and have deep ties to the community.

Recently, Kelley attained membership in the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. He is an active member of the Rotary Club of Westborough.

Call Kelley at 508-733-6005 or Gordon at 508-333-4672 to set up your complimentary home sale review.