Northborough Easter Egg Hunt brings out family fun


By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

The Lacasse kids (left to right) Chloe, 8, Quinn, 6, and Chase, 3 pose with the Easter Bunny.
Photo/Jennifer Lacasse

Northborough – The Northborough Memorial Fields may have still been covered in snow, but it didn’t keep away a few hundred families from the annual Northborough Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by Northborough Moms. The hunt, which took place March 24, featured over 2,000 filled plastic eggs scattered across the field. The event also included a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny.

The event was coordinated by Laura Wyrsch, Corrine Frick, and Jennifer Lacasse.

Blake Cooke, 6 and Hunter Cooke, 4 anticipating the start of the egg hunt.
Photo/ Sarah Lindberg-Cooke.
The Easter Bunny chats with two young kids.
Photo/Kevin Wyrsch
The Biondi Family is happy with their collection of eggs.
Photo/Kevin Wyrsch
Hundreds of kids awaiting the countdown to start the egg hunt.
Photo/Kevin Wyrsch
Egg Hunt Coordinator Laura Wyrsch and her son Logan, 8.
Photo/Kevin Wyrsch
Rosalia Marzilli, 2, planning her strategy for the egg hunt.
photo/Liza Marzilli
Penelope Cieslica, 17 months, has her hands full and has yet to figure out there is a treat inside.
Photo/Lauren Fortier
Kelsey Fortier, 2, showing her full basket.
Photo/Lauren Fortier
Riley Fortier, 5.
Photo/Lauren Fortier