Vote for McKenzie for Shrewsbury Housing Authority


To the Editor:

It is not often that there is a contested seat for the Shrewsbury Housing Authority. This year we are fortunate to have two viable candidates. I have had the privilege of knowing Mindy McKenzie, her work ethic, her commitment to serving Shrewsbury and her support of those in the most vulnerable positions in life. I fully support her candidacy and hope you will also.

I believe that Mindy has a demonstrated history of commitment and leadership to become an active member of the Housing Authority. Her past roles have included being a member of the Shrewsbury Planning Board, the Master Steering Committee and the Public Library Steering Committee. Whether working independently or in committee I have seen her ability to gather in all pertinent information and form an informed decision.

I respect her commitment and passion to serving Shrewsbury and hope you will give her your vote on May 1st.

Henry Fitzgerald, Shrewsbury