Kids get a healthy dose of fun at Lincoln Street School 


By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Classmates cheer their friends on.

Northborough- The students at the Lincoln Street Elementary School recently completed a week of learning about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. To further their curriculum they put their studies into action by participating in a one-mile run/walk May 4 around the school’s property.

As students finished, another lesson was learned – that of good sportsmanship, as many returned to the course’s finish line, to loudly cheer and encourage on those who were still running.

After the event was complete, a group of fifth graders serenaded Trish Rollins, the school’s Physical Education teacher, with a special song in honor of her recently being named as the Teacher of the Year by the Mass Association of Physical Educators.

The school’s physical education teacher, Trish Rollins, listens as she is serenaded by the students.
Everyone either walked or ran in the event.
These boys cool off after finishing the race.
Teachers and other adult staff joined the kids in the run.