To Residents of Marlborough (and others in Metrowest):


To the Editor:

To Residents of Marlborough (and others in Metrowest):

I love yard sales. And I love yard sale signs. I don’t want to use an app, or follow a map, or try and wend my way through a list of newspaper ads in order to find them.

But as the yard sale season starts in full force, I’d like to ask everyone to please take the few minutes and take down your past yard sale signs. Especially if your church or social club has put out the many signs for your sale, they need to come down.

They will turn into litter. They make it difficult to take note of new yard sales. They are really eye pollution. As you might know, Westborough residents are not allowed to put up yard sale signs, for these reasons. I no longer go there to look for yard sales. Do you want that kind of ruling to occur in your towns?

Take a ride around and remove your signs. Be kind to your neighborhood.

Susan Stock