Flaherty Physical Therapy can help restore your ‘Mojo’


By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

The Flaherty Physical Therapy team Photo/submitted
The Flaherty Physical Therapy team

Northborough – On the Flaherty Physical Therapy website, it says, “To us, Mojo is a feeling, a sensation of well-being, strength and stability. Mojo is the feeling you get when you are in the groove, everything is perfect, and everything feels good, all is right, your stars are aligned.” That is a philosophy that Kevin Flaherty, the company’s owner, and his staff strive to help every one of their clients attain.

“We know people are in pain when they first come to us,” Flaherty said. “They may also feel intimidated and scared. So we help them with a plan to get them to feel better overall.”

Throughout his 26 years of practice, Flaherty worked for several companies in central Mass. before opening his own business in December 2015. Certified in strength and conditioning, he has worked with many athletes both in his practice and as a youth coach.

Since opening the company, Flaherty PT has expanded its actual facility as well as adding additional staff.

“We have a really great diverse, dynamic group of physical therapists here,” Flaherty said.

(For a complete biography on the individual therapists and their specialties visit the company’s website, www.flahertyphysicaltherapy.com.)

Flaherty PT works with patients of all ages, from young teens to those in their 90s. Services include exercise training, manual therapy, orthotics, TMJ pain, spine pain, post-surgery rehab, amputee rehab and taping.

This summer the company will be adding a new program for senior citizens who may be concerned about their risk of falling. Flaherty and his team will first do a half-hour assessment to see what kind of balance the client has. They will then be able to recommend specific exercises or physical therapy to help them with their overall strength and balance.

“There are not a lot of physical therapists in this area who do this type of assessment and follow up,” Flaherty said. “So we are excited to start offering it.”

Another program Flaherty PT will be expanding is vertigo/vestibular training. Flaherty PT has three therapists who are specifically trained in Vestibular Rehab. Clients will receive specific treatments and learn exercises that will help them function better as they work toward recovering from this debilitating condition.

Flaherty also offers a free 60-day follow up for all of their clients after they finish their course of therapy.

“We do this as a way to help our clients stay consistent and encourage them to keep working so they don’t lose all their gains,” Flaherty said. “This allows us to also assess to see if more improvements are still needed.”

Flaherty also has two massage therapists who work in the practice several days a week.

“Life is too short to settle for not feeling your very best,” Flaherty said. “Give us a call and let us help you restore your Mojo to where it should be!”

On its website, there are dozens of reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients of all ages who note that is exactly what Flaherty PT has done – with professionalism and compassion, helped them feel better, and yes, regain their Mojo..

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 508-393-9000 or visit  www.flahertyphysicaltherapy.com.

Flaherty Physical Therapy is located at 411 West Main St., #3, Northborough.