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Ultimate Reglaze – Refinishing for bathtubs, ceramic tile and fiberglass tubs

Business name: Ultimate Reglaze
130 Gardner Rd., Hubbardston, Mass.
Owner: Keith Tetreault
Contact Information: 508-596-1119

Ultimate Reglaze
Refinishing for bathtubs, ceramic tile and fiberglass tubs

What does Ultimate Reglaze do?

“We refinish bathtubs, ceramic tile and fiberglass tubs. We coat over the existing fixture with a urethane acrylic finish similar to car paint but designed for bathtubs,” said Keith Tetreault, formerly of Northborough, who bought the business 13 years ago.

His oldest son Scott, has worked for the company for 12 years. His other three
children Kyle, Corinne and Jared, have also worked for the company at times.
Ultimate Reglaze’s team also includes Doug Hatch of Leominster (four years), Howard Harris of Clinton (three years) and Richard Petit of New Bedford (eight months). As the business has expanded, Tetreault attributes most of that success to the service and quality of work his employees provide.

Why do customers refinish bathroom fixtures?

“Most of our work is changing the color. The 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s were a wonderful boon for refinishing because today most people want some shade of white. We refinish over pink, blue, avocado green and harvest gold, as well as just worn-out porcelain bathtubs.

“We can go into your 1950s bathroom and refinish both the tub and the ceramic tile. Then all you need to do is repaint and put in a new toilet and vanity, and you have virtually a brand-new bathroom for a fraction of the cost of gutting and redoing the whole thing. We can do sinks but they get more challenging use so we usually recommend replacement. The finish we use is designed to get wet and dry, not be submersed, so we can’t do toilets.

“Refinishing can take away the objections when owners are looking to show an apartment or sell their house. In the case of buyers who want both a brand-new kitchen and a brand-new bathroom, we can give them a virtually new bathroom, then they can put all the money they want into the kitchen.

“The refinishing lasts 10 years or more. I refinished a tub in Milford that had been refinished 21 years before. It still looked quite good, but they wanted it even shinier.”

What does it cost to redo a typical tub?

“Regular cast iron tub costs $449 and a fiberglass one piece unit is $649,” Tetreault said.
“Typical full bathroom tub and tile ranges from $1000 to $1500. We do all our work within two weeks of a phone call.

“We can refinish with any color the customer would want. The finish needs to dry overnight before the tub is used.”

Do you also do kitchen sinks?

“We can, but kitchen sinks get a different kind of use. Most of the time when we do a kitchen sink, the customer has inherited grandmother’s house and wants to preserve the old porcelain sink that they love. But when someone drops in a fork or a knife, it can shorten the life of the finish. I tell people this finish is like a car finish, so if you wouldn’t do it to the hood of your car, don’t do it to your sink or bathtub.”

What geographic area do you serve?

“Primarily central Massachusetts. We do individual residences, apartment complexes and work for housing authorities.”

Additional information on reglazing is available on the company’s website, www.ultimatereglaze.com or by calling 508-596-1119.

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