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By Elaine Quigely, Realtor

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You’re not boring, and your home shouldn’t be either. But, you can obey all the design rules and end up with a place that looks like it came right out of a magazine but still lacks a little spark. Here’s how to inject a little “you” into it.



You don’t have to have a house full of bold florals or abstract pieces just because that’s what’s “in” right now. But, it may feel like it if you’ve been browsing for art. Building an art collection with staying power means collecting items and styles you like now and that you will still like years from now – and that will keep your home feeling like it belongs to you, not to a gallery.

“Think beyond which artists are hot or trendy,” said Tze Chun, founder of Uprise Art, an online art gallery, to Corcoran. “The goal is to build a collection that can grow with you, so select artwork that speaks to you rather than what’s popular at the moment. Art is a great investment because of the value it provides you every day, by improving your living space and offering daily inspiration.”



It can be a little challenging to furnish a new space from scratch, especially if you don’t want a matchy-matchy situation. But ordering a furniture “set” can be tempting because it makes it so easy to fill up a room quickly. Doing so can result in a boring look, and can also lock you into one particular style or color, which can be hard to break out of.

And then there’s another reality that many people face: Trying to merge too many pieces and too many styles into one cohesive arrangement that looks interesting, not haphazard. Using color to unify older and newer pieces is an easy trick to create a more pleasing space. For rooms that have too much new, or too much of the same style or color, adding in some pattern and/or texture can help break it up and make it more appealing.


Adding one great piece

Sometimes, all it takes it one great piece to create a memorable and mesmerizing space. Your grandmother’s old sideboard? Paint it glossy black and showcase it in your dining room juxtaposed against your modern table. That Italian chandelier you fell in love with at the flea market? Hang it over the bathtub in your master. Unexpected touches that speak to you will always catch your eye when you walk into the room, make you feel like you’re home, and become conversation pieces for visitors.


Personalized passions

No matter what you’re into, be it gothic architecture or prehistoric fossils, there is a way to bring that passion into your home and showcase it in a way that creates interest but also makes you smile.

“A collection is a window into someone’s world. Each piece tells a story of who they are and where they’ve been,” said Barron’s. Take a cue from three leading designers who offer recommendations for showcasing “cherished collections in style.”


Check your Zodiac sign

If you can diet according to your Zodiac sign, you can decorate according to it, too. The idea is to tap into the main elements of your sign to connect to the colors, styles, textures and tastes that best suit you.

Aquarians “gravitate toward inventive design with nostalgic pops,” while Taurus’ “rooted earth sign” means they’re “drawn to natural, unpretentious materials like rustic wood and unpolished stone,” said PureWow. And the hermit like Cancer is “all about maintaining a soothing, domestic shell, which makes you the prime candidate for the Scandinavian lifestyle practice of hygge – aka the art of coziness.”


Choose color wisely

When you see a super chic home, it often has very little or no color on the walls. And the overwhelming mantra among designers, especially those who are staging a home, is to keep everything neutral. But you don’t have to follow that rule, especially if you’re just moving in or freshening up your place.

“The introduction of color into your home is the simplest and surest way to inject a little of your personality while creating a mood that is both interesting and enduring,” said Domain. “You would be surprised at how effectively combinations of color can direct your mood. For instance, greens and blues are typically very calming which is why you will often see a hospital saturated with these tones, and red is a much more emotionally intense color that is known to increase cravings for food, making it a common color used in kitchens and dining rooms.”

If you’re not ready to do all the walls, start with one; you might end up loving this feature wall, or it may inspire you to go ahead and paint a few more.


Paper it

Wallpaper has been enjoying a resurgence over the past few years, and so has the peel-and-stick version. This is one of our favorite things to use to inject personality into a room and make it feel dynamic, romantic, exotic – or any other feeling you’re going for. Because it’s removable and replaceable, it’s great for fickle design folks who want peacocks on the wall this month, banana leaves the next.


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Elaine Quigley, CBR, CRS, GRI

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