Westborough retiree cruises in ‘Batman’ style


By Jane Keller Gordon, Contributing Writer

Bill Parker and his Polaris Slingshot Photo/Jane Keller Gordon
Bill Parker and his Polaris Slingshot
Photo/Jane Keller Gordon

Westborough – Bill Parker, 74, of Westborough is thrilled to have bought his Polaris Slingshot two summers ago. It looks like something out of a “Batman” comic book, but it’s a three-wheeled roadster.

“I used to ride a motorcycle when I was a young guy. I wanted to start riding again, but at my age on two wheels, if one thing goes wrong, everything will,” he explained.

In Massachusetts, the Polaris is considered to be a motorcycle, according to Parker. He said that in other states, like Connecticut, it’s an autocar.

“It’s a whole new concept,” he explained. “It has side-by-side seating, a steering wheel instead of a handle bars, cruise control, an automobile engine in the front, and it drives from the rear. It’s wider, heavier and more powerful than a motorcycle.”

“Its top speed is 150 mph,” but, Parker said, “I’m a speed limit kind of guy.”

He bought his Polaris for about $20,000 at Higgins Powersports in Barre.

“That’s what a Harley or a small car would cost,” he said.

Parker said that his Polaris is like a little run-about car.

“It’s great for taking care of errands. Riding in the rain isn’t bad since the forward motion shoots the water up the windshield, and I have a cover over my head. Last year, I drove it until November,” he said.

In June, he plans to drive it to Lake George for a motorcycle rally.

Parker has lived in Westborough for most of his life. For work, he operated heavy equipment. Now semi-retired, he works two days a week for the town of Wayland.

As for comments suggesting he is too old for such a sporty vehicle, Parker said, “I don’t feel old. I love loud rock music, fast cars, and beautiful women. I like to enjoy myself. I think that being old is for old people.”

He continued, “I don’t consider myself old even though I am by the numbers. I love life. It’s all good!”